NUX DM-8 All-Mesh Head Digital Drum Kit

Dial in a realistic sounding and feeling studio kit with ease! NUX's DM-8 offers superior digital drum technology with realistic feeling all-mesh heads.

The NUX DM-8 is NUX's drum kit featuring innovative technologies, giving drummers an authentic acoustic-like feel and realistic expressive playing. The DM-8 features a robust rack system which is not only durable but looks great when you're rocking out!

The hi-hat is mounted on its own hat stand, providing a more realistic feel. Mounted onto a motion sensor unit, the hat can be easily adjusted to your playing style, including Open/Closed and Half Open hats.

The DM-8 12" snare pad authentically emulates the behaviors of a real acoustic snare drum with its rim and shell design. The triple zone enables you to play convincing rim shots/and cross sticks while adapting to the needs of most playing situations from rock/funk/to Latin and the cross stick is great for ballads or bossa nova. The snare uses the latest three-point trigger technology, which makes the sound of each position on the drumhead more balanced. Also included is a very stable independent snare stand, for the best performance.

The designed 10-inch independent kick drum can fully support a double bass pedal.
The kick pedal features a double chain stay and a thicker soleplate. The double chain design makes the beater swing more stable, while the thickened base plate keeps the entire pedal from moving freely.

The DM-8 sound module is loaded with innovation and eye-catching features, including the Group Faders, which assigns audio levels to each individual pad. Create your own custom drum mixes easily! Also included read more are 30 sets of high-fidelity drum kits with different styles. No matter the drum style, you can get the sounds you want from it. Intuitive and powerful sound customization features allow users to freely edit their own drum kits. You can assign any sound to the rim or head.

The DM-8 module is also an audio interface, with the ability to send stereo audio and MIDI data to a Mac or Windows computer via USB. This lets you record discrete audio and MIDI drum tracks in any DAW, or trigger sounds from software-based drum instruments for studio or live playing. Want to record more than a stereo pair? No problem. You can record up to 14 separate audio tracks into your favorite DAW.

The DM-8 enables you to import your own WAV samples via a USB Flash Drive. Now you can build your dream kit with your favorite samples and assign to any pad to play.
Think of the possibilities!

to customize your drum sounds even further. The DM-8 includes a selection of high-quality of effects that can be applied to each pad. Simply navigate to the EFFECT menu and select your effect. Add EQ, Compression, Overdrive, or Reverb to the individual pads, or add a Master Compression and/or EQ to your overall mix.

The DM-8 has a great selection of built-in songs that you can jam along with, including a dynamic variety of musical styles for every type of drummer.

Record your solo drum performances onto a USB memory stick or upload your favorite backing track, play along with it, and save it as a WAV file to analyze your playing by hearing the entire mix play back.

And finally, an AUX IN port is provided to hard connect your preferred your playback device.
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- 12" Snare*1, 10" Tom*3, 10" Kick drum*1, 12" Hi-hat cymbal*1, 12" Crash cymbal*2, 14" Ride cymbal*1, Snare stand*1, Hi-hat stand*1, Kick pedal*1, DM-8 module*1
- Metronome, Coach, Effects, REC, Songs, Bluetooth, USB audio, WAV import, Group fader
- 9 Piece Digital Drum Kit with Remo Mesh Heads
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Shipping Weight: 114.35 lbs
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Shipping Weight: 124.35 lbs

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 626-800-7466

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NUX DM-8 All-Mesh Head Digital Drum Kit
1 NUX DM-8 All-Mesh Head Digital Drum Kit
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1 Gibraltar 6608 Motorcycle Top Double-Braced Drum Throne
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